Tiznit City

Tiznit is a town in southern Morocco and the capital of the province of Tiznit in the Souss-Massa region.

The city was restored in 1882 by the Alawite sultan Hassan Ier who endowed it with a long wall still encircling the old medina. El Mechouar Square is one of the centers of the city with the palace of Sultan Hassan I in front of the building where the representative of the French army was installed under the French protectorate.

The medina is divided into four quarters centered on a source, the blue source. This source which allowed the irrigation of many gardens has made the reputation of the city; But it lost much of its flow following the digging of the Reggada spring in the neighboring tribe of the Ouled Jerrar. Tiznit has acquired a great reputation for its goldsmithery, whose fibula is the flagship symbol.

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